Easing Vendor Central Admin and Accounting Burden

Missing invoices, overdue payments, shortage claims, unauthorized deductions. Anyone who works with Amazon Vendor Central is familiar with the challenges associated with document management, especially when it’s time to reconcile and provide supporting documentation for chargebacks, shortage claims, payments, credits, etc.

Our tools put everything needed at your fingertips for ease of accounting and administration to track payment flows seamlessly. We help with ensuring everything is: 

  • Up-to-date: All payment information is summarized for each Vendor Central on a daily basis.
  • Clear: Cash flows are automatically assigned to the associated Vendor Centrals and categories (e.g. chargebacks, CoOps, shortage claims, price claims and provisions).
  • Intelligent: With notifications, the system automatically keeps you up to date regarding missing invoices or overdue payments.
  • Complete: All the information you need, in one place. No need to click and search anymore as invoice number, invoice date, payment number, payment date, amount, status as well as additional information is automatically correlated.
  • Practical: Various search functions, direct links to Vendor Central and click-to-copy buttons make your daily work easier.
  • Connect: All receipts can be exported as XLS, PDF or CSV files as desired.

We offer a free trial, with your live data, so you can see the impact. The software is set up within a few minutes via your Vendor Central access and all payment flow is displayed and sorted immediately once setup.

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